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5 Risks Associated with Damaged Garage Doors

Garage doors have made life easier and convenient. They add value to your home. They are an essential part of homes which do not get enough focus as long as they are functioning properly. A faulty garage door, however, is something that should be addressed immediately. Faulty garage doors pose a serious danger for everyone in the house.

What Causes Garage Door Damage?

The most common cause of garage door damage is damage to one or more of its parts. The following are the things that can go wrong with a garage door:

  • Springs break
  • Cables break
  • Rollers wear out
  • Hinges wear out
  • Garage door opener wears out

Risks Associated with Damaged Garage Doors

If any of the parts of a garage door need repair, garage door repair should not be delayed. Even though a garage door provides a lot of utility, it can cause some gruesome accidents.

1. Car Damage

If a garage door is damaged due to the breakage of cable, the garage door can shut suddenly. It can come crashing down on the car while it is on its way in or out of the garage. Garage doors are extremely heavy. The impact that a garage door will have when it comes crashing down on the car will cause major damage. Car damage can cost you a fortune so it is best to get the garage door repaired before any such incident occurs.

2. Personal Injury

If the cable or torsion springs break or become weak, they can cause serious injuries and even death. If any of the two components of the garage door are faulty, the garage door may close with too much force suddenly, causing bone fractures and even death. If you think the garage door is not closing slowly as it should, try not to speculate yourself. In the case of garage doors, it is always better to seek professional help to avoid any unanticipated events.

3. Garage Door Replacement

If a faulty garage door is not repaired timely, it may result in damage to the garage door itself. Sometimes, the damage caused may be beyond repair and you might need to get the door replaced.  Garage doors are extremely costly. Hiring a professional to repair the door timely can save you from incurring such a heavy cost.

4. Cement Chipping

A faulty garage door can come down with a lot of force, as mentioned earlier. Garage doors are 500 pounds in weight on average. When it impacts the floor, it may result in damage to the floor and cement chipping which again requires costly repairs.

5. Access to Intruders

If a garage door is faulty, it may not close properly and fully. In such a case, there is a chance that an intruder might find their way into your home. If you do not get the garage door repaired on time, you are putting yourself and all your family members at risk.


Garage doors have made our lives easier but faulty garage doors can make this blessing into your worst nightmare in no time. It can cause serious injuries and even death which is something you wouldn’t want.

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