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Wood Clad Garage Doors

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Wood Clad Garage Doors

Wood Clad Garage Doors

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Elevate Your Curb Appeal: Embrace the Warmth of Wood-Clad Garage Doors

Tired of the same old steel garage door dragging down your home’s exterior? Craving a touch of natural elegance and warmth? Step into a world of timeless beauty with wood-clad garage door installation services.

Beyond the Ordinary:

Forget cold, industrial metal boxes. Wood-clad doors add a touch of sophistication and charm to any home, whether modern or traditional. Imagine the rich grain and inviting texture of natural wood gracing your garage, blending seamlessly with your landscaping and architectural style. Each door becomes a unique masterpiece, adding character and warmth to your property.

Durability Meets Sustainability:

Don’t let concerns about maintenance hold you back. Modern wood-clad doors are crafted with premium materials and advanced protective coatings, ensuring exceptional weather resistance and lasting beauty. Enjoy the allure of natural wood without sacrificing durability or low maintenance.

More than Just Looks:

Wood-clad doors aren’t just about aesthetics; they offer modern functionality too. Our installation services integrate seamless automation options, allowing you to control your door with a click or a tap. Imagine the convenience of effortless entry and exit, adding a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.

So ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Wood-clad garage door installation services offer a gateway to a more beautiful, welcoming, and functional home. Let us help you unlock the timeless charm of natural wood and add a touch of magic to your curb appeal.

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Common Garage Door Materials

Wood-Clad Garage Doors

 Starting with a 24 gauge steel base, faced with real cedar, with custom hardware to get the look and feel that’s perfect for your home. The height of luxury in garage doors. Talk about curb-appeal and resale value!

Aluminum & Glass Garage Doors

 The most eye-catching choice, made of lightweight aluminum and clear or frosted glass. These have been a popular choice for bringing a contemporary flair to a residence or adding natural light to a commercial setting.

Steel Garage Doors

The material of choice for the last half-century for a reason! A steel door is a door that can withstand use-after-use and a student driver or two. Perfect for commercial use and for the homeowner that appreciates having a door that easy to maintain.

Garage Door Styles

Traditional Raised Panel

Raised panel garage doors have swept across Arizona in recent years, and they’re by far the most popular garage door installation we do. That popularity means you can find this style in a variety of materials and paneling patterns.

Carriage House Doors

Add elegance and charm to any home exterior with these beautifully crafted garage door installations that blend the beauty of wooden surfaces, with the hard insulation of reinforced steel.
Commercial Garage Doors

Modern, Custom & Commercial

Triple B Garage Doors & Gates offers a wide variety of garage door options and installations. Contact us for more information.