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Gate Repair in: Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Queen Creek Arizona. Don’t Compromise on Security and Safety

Don’t Compromise on Security and Safety

Anyone with a driveway gate knows that while they’re generally reliable, they can require minor adjustments to keep in good operational order. Residential gates are made up of several moving parts that work together to smoothly move large weights; and that complexity only increases when you add electrical and mechanical components to the mix.

  • Your gate could be making large amounts of noise when opening and closing; generally signalling that the mechanism for moving the gate doors has worn out. This generally requires disassembly or replacement.
  • Automatic gates work through sensitive motion sensors that allow the gate to open and close. If these sensors are obstructed, or misaligned then your gates might not function.
  • Of course a constant power supply is necessary to keep your automatic gates operational, sudden surges can blow vital electrical fuses.
  • Or, you might just have a faulty remote control

A Non-Functioning Gate Exposes Your Property to Outside Access

That’s why we offer residential and commercial customers full-service gate repair and maintenance across the East Valley of Arizona. We have extensive experience solving issues and faults with all sizes and types of gates. Whether you’re facing problems with:

  • Roller banks,
  • Rollers,
  • Hinges,
  • Motors,
  • Electrical circuitry
  • Gate contacts
  • Brackets
  • Rust

At Triple B, we work with the latest and best in gating technology every day, and use it in our own installations; so no repair is too complex for us to fix. Just in case you want to prevent the need for future repairs, we also offer full-service maintenance for your gating.

  • We can evaluate your gate to make sure it’s up to current regulations
  • Let you know whether any upgrades would be helpful such as additional privacy modifications
  • Carry out minor tuning and adjustments to ensure continuing smooth function.
  • We can even administer a complete refurbishment of your gate if need be.

Remember if you’re dealing with mechanical gates, then those mechanics will slowly go wrong over time. So when the time does come to fix them, choose a reliable, reputable repair option like Triple B Gate Repair, operating across Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Queen Creek Arizona.