How to Tell If the Quality of a Garage Door Is Good Enough

Garage doors work hard all day long. They’re opened and closed several times, and this accounts for the extensive wear and tear that you have to get fixed every now and then. Like everything else, a garage door has a limited lifespan, after which you need to get it replaced altogether.

When it is time to get a new garage door, you must evaluate the quality of the garage door that your garage door company is offering to install for you. While it isn’t easy to tell by the looks, if the quality is good enough, you can tell if you look closely. We have listed down the features that can help you evaluate the quality of the garage door even before you get it installed.

1. Safety Features

The safety features of a garage door should be evaluated first. The safety of a garage door is the most important factor because, at the end of the day, it is you, your loved ones, and your car that are at risk.

A common misconception is that the laser at the bottom of the door is the most important safety features when, in reality, it is just the motor and garage door opener. It has nothing to do with the safety of the door itself. To ensure that you’re investing in the right quality product, you should look for a garage door that comes with pinch-resistance, especially if there are children around. The pinch-resistance feature makes sure that the fingers are pushed out of the way when the door closes.

Tamper-resistant safety brackets at the bottom are also an important safety feature that prevents the loosening of the garage door when a repair is being made with cables that are taut. Quality garage doors are usually equipped with maximum safety features.

2. Design of Door Springs

The door springs of a garage door are what provide the force that opens the garage door. When the door is closed, these springs are tightly wound. As the garage door opens, the springs begin to unwind. In quality garage doors, these counterbalanced springs are enclosed in a steel tube. If these springs are uncovered, and they break, it can pose a serious safety threat to anyone who is around. Therefore, you should always look for a steel tube enclosing these springs at the top of a paneled garage door.

3. Construction Materials

The material that is used in the construction on a garage door can give you a precise idea of what to expect from its quality. Garage doors made of steel can last as long as 10 years and even longer if taken care of. The highest quality garage doors are the ones that have a baked-on finish (undercoat and topcoat). They are resistant to weather elements and rusting. Plastic and vinyl doors may last even longer, depending on how carefully it was constructed.


Quality garage doors have maximum safety features and are constructed from sturdy and durable materials. Evaluating these two areas can help you tell if you are making the right choice in terms of quality.

4 Practical Benefits of Timely Garage Door Repairs

Garages are an important part of all properties. Not only do they keep your vehicles safe and sound, but in many houses, they are used as a primary entrance. A garage door keeps your garage secure from intruders and ensures that both your car and your home are safe and secure. Since the garage door is opened and closed frequently, it is subjected to extensive wear and tear. This makes the regular inspection and repair of garage doors extremely important.

If a garage door is not maintained properly, it can pose serious safety hazards for you, your car, and your loved ones. To make sure that you do not compromise on safety, it is recommended that you get any issues with your garage door repaired as soon as you detect them.

Timely garage door repairs are associated with a number of benefits, which we have listed down for you below:

1. Prevents Accidents

Faulty garage doors can result in serious accidents. It has been reported that about 18,000 people get injured by their garage doors every year. If a garage door is faulty, it can get stuck or fall off, resulting in serious and even life-threatening injuries to anyone who becomes a victim. If you detect that your garage door controls are not functioning smoothly or you hear any unusual sounds while the door opens or closes, instead of waiting for any accident, call a reputable garage door repair company and get the garage door inspected and repaired right away. This is one of the major benefits of getting timely garage door repairs.

2. Enhances Home Security

Garages are usually connected to your home. Like we mentioned earlier, a lot of people use garage doors as their primary entrance. If your garage door does not close completely, it can serve as an entryway for intruders or burglars, posing a great risk to the health and safety of you and your family. One of the many benefits of getting timely garage door repairs is the assurance that the entryway to your house is securely closed.

3. Car Safety

The safety of your car is also one of the most practical benefits of timely garage door repairs. A faulty garage door can close over your car or cause scratches on the car’s surface, which can be heartbreaking- literally!

Getting your garage door repaired on time ensures that all the springs and hinges in the garage door are in perfectly working order and that they will open and close as per the controls you choose.

4. Saves Money

If you keep on postponing minor repairs, you are only bracing yourself for major repair costs. Getting timely garage door repairs helps you get any issues with your garage door fixed on time and prevents the development of any major faults.


Getting timely garage door repairs comes with many benefits such as accident prevention, sure shot safety of your house and your vehicle, and prevention of any major garage door damages.

5 Qualities of a Good Garage Door Repair Company

Most homes have garages where the inhabitants of the home park their cars. Garage doors serve not only as an alternative entryway to your house but also keep your car safe from thieves and intruders. Since garage doors are opened and closed quite frequently, they go through extensive wear and tear. Thus, they need to be repaired every now and then.

Garage door repair is very crucial. If it is not repaired on time, it poses a serious threat to you and your car’s safety. Garage door repair is something you shouldn’t delay. If you’re looking for a reliable garage door repair company, you should look for the qualities listed below to make sure that you’re hiring the right garage door repair company for the job.

1. Customer Service

A good garage door repair company offers excellent customer service. Starting from the point you call them up to the actual experience with the company personnel, a good garage door repair company will ensure that they are able to satisfy you completely. The way a company deals with its customers says a lot about what to expect from their services.

Moreover, one of the premium qualities of a garage door company is they will make follow-up calls to ensure that you’re satisfied with the services that were offered to you.

2. Punctuality

Punctuality is another quality that you should look for in a good garage door repair company. If your garage door is broken or is not working properly, you need to get fixed quickly. The promptness and punctuality with which a garage door repair company addresses your queries and delivers their services are what makes a garage door company a quality service provider.

3. Transparency

Transparency is critical in establishing a strong trust relationship between a customer and a service provider. The more transparent a company is with its customers in terms of timelines, costs, and other factors, the stronger the trust between the two will be. One of the many qualities to look for in a good garage door repair company is the transparency that they show throughout the time you are in talks with them.

4. Training

Good training is what makes any garage door repair company a good one. The training involves everything – from the customer service to the actual skills needed to do the job. The better the training of the company workers is, the better will be the quality of work. Garage door repair is a highly technical job, and only a highly skilled and adequately trained individual will be able to do it right.

5. Reviews

A good garage door repair company will receive good reviews from its customers. You can always check the customer reviews on the official website, or you can ask people who have availed services from them in the past.


A good garage door repair company is one that offers great customer service, have highly trained professionals, and are punctual and honest with their job.

Why You Should Consider Getting a New Garage Door

Everyone is constantly looking for ways to make their houses look more aesthetically pleasing. The prettier and more up-to-date your house is, the more value it will have when you choose to sell it. When we talk about keeping our properties updated, garage doors play a vital role.

Garage doors have evolved from the older manual doors to remote-controlled ones to the latest garage doors that operate on sensors. Garage doors are an expensive installation, and that is why you should consider getting a new garage door installed as a part of your property upgrade.

The following reasons will provide you with all you need to know if you’re deciding on getting a new garage door installed.

1. Improves the Appearance and Value of Your Property

Having a worn-out and rusted garage door as the first thing that people see is nothing less than an eyesore. Therefore, the first and the most obvious reason why you should get a new garage door is that it improves the appearance of your property. The better your house looks, the more interested potential buyers will be. According to real estate agents, homes with modern garage doors sell more quickly and at better prices.

2. Improves the Safety

The newer garage doors come with a higher number of safety features that ensure that the kids and pets in your home do not get hurt and that your precious car stays safe too. The latest garage doors are engineered in a way that minimizes the risk of the garage door malfunctioning. It not only protects you, your family, and your car, it also provides excellent safety against theft. While older garage doors were easy to break through, the garage doors today are a lot more technical, stronger, and safer.

3. Lower Energy Costs

If your garage is attached to your house, its temperature can have an impact on the warming or cooling of your house to a certain extent. If your garage door isn’t well insulated, it will get too hot in summers and too cold in winters, bringing about a hike in your energy bills.

As the garage door gets older, its insulation efficiency is reduced. This is yet another reason why you should consider getting a new garage door. The newer garage doors are built from materials that make the garage doors well-insulated, keeping your energy bills well under control.

4. Reduced Maintenance Costs

The older the garage door, the more complaints you are likely to have. You may notice unusual sounds while it opens or closes, or you may find it heavier to lift. Every time you observe a new problem, you have to spend money on getting the problem inspected and fixed. However, when you get a new garage door installed, it will greatly cut down the maintenance and repair costs that you have to bear with older garage doors.


You should consider getting a new garage door installed because it will enhance the aesthetics and increase the value of your property, improve safety and security, and also cut down the maintenance costs.

6 Common Garage Door Problems That Call for Garage Door Repair

The function of garage doors is simple – going up and down, over and over again. A good quality garage door can last for decades. However, to make it last that long, you need to make sure that you get your garage door inspected for any repairs or maintenance work that it may need.

Sometimes, problems with garage doors may go unnoticed. However, closer observation will definitely make these problems evident. The common garage door problems that call for garage door repair have been listed down below.

1.  A Vibrating Opener

A vibrating opener may seem harmless at first. However, if you notice vibrations coming from the opener, you should get it inspected and repaired immediately. These vibrations are usually an indication that the motor’s armatures have worn out or its shafts have been bent. As a result, the opener may shake at the points where it has been mounted. Whatever the cause of the vibrations is, a vibrating opener may break free and fall, putting you and your car at risk.

2.     Garage Door Opens and Reverses

One of the most common problems with a garage door is when it opens and reverses. It indicates a problem with the security sensors that are located at the bottom of the door frame. When that happens, you should check the garage door to make sure that the sensors are aligned. However, if aligning the sensors doesn’t fix the problem, your garage door might need thorough repair and maintenance.

3.     Unusual Noises

Traditional chain drive openers are noisy but to a tolerable level. However, as they get older, they become noisier. When your garage door starts making noises that are louder than they should be, you may need to opt for garage door repair and get a new belt drive installed.

4.     Unresponsive Opening

Your garage door may not respond when you use the remote control or press the buttons on the panel. This may be due to a problem with the wiring or the logic board of the opener. When that happens, you will need to contact a garage door repair service provider.

5.     Worn-Out Springs

A garage door consists of extension springs that provide a counterforce to the weight of the door and allow the door to be raised and lowered with a just a little force. If you see that your garage door opening and closing with great difficulty or it feels heavier if you try lifting the door by hand, it calls for garage door repair. You may need to get the springs replaced.

6.     Frozen Garage Door

Your garage door may freeze and refuse to budge. This may happen during winters when the door gets stuck to the ground due to ice. But sometimes, the garage door freezing is an indication of other problems such as broken springs, tripped gears, or a burned-out opener motor. When your garage door freezes, you have no other option than to call a garage door repair service provider to come to your assistance.


Garage doors get worn out with time, which may affect their performance. When you observe that your garage door isn’t working as smoothly as it should, you should get the garage door inspected and repaired.

Safety Tips for Automatic Gates

Remember the time when you have to leave your couch to answer the gate? Every day, the most dreaded house chore used to be answering the gate. But thanks to the high-tech self-autonomous devices, today, such irritating tasks have minimized. Among other inventions, automatic gates gained popularity within a short time. People loved the prospect of operating the gate from the comforts of inside their house.

Not only automatic gates are convenient and practical, they are also an effective way of protecting the house. Even though these gates are not high maintenance, there are still a few things that you ought to pay attention to, to avoid any serious injury. Let’s have a look at some safety tips that can ensure that your automatic gate doesn’t end up causing you some trouble.

1. Call Professionals for its Installation

Although it looks quite easy to install an automatic gate, don’t take a risk. These gates are heavy and require detailed installation procedures. A slight negligence from your side can end up in a big disaster. It is always better to call garage door and gate experts for gate installation. They will ensure that your gate is installed properly and doesn’t create any hazard for you and your family.

2. Don’t Reach Through/Install Warning Signs

An automatic gate doesn’t have sensors so they can’t detect if a person is standing on their path. They are controlled by a person operating the controls. This is why it is important not to touch the gate when it is opening or closing. Inform your guests as well to wait until the door is fully opened before walking through it.

3. It Is Not a Toy

Frankly speaking, children are fascinated by anything that functions on their call. They love to play with the remote control to allow the gate to open or close. As interesting as it sounds, this is a recipe for possible damage to your gate. Educate children to not to treat the gate as a toy.

4. Cyber Security

The one drawback of anything digital is that it can get hacked. But, you don’t have to worry about it. Just make sure that you have a strong security setup and a good firewall to prevent any incidents of hacking. In addition, try not to connect your gate with unsecured networks. If you are still unsure about the level of security, consult gate experts who can inspect your door thoroughly.

5. Proper Maintenance

Your gate will start malfunctioning if it is not maintained properly. For smooth working of your automatic gate, regularly ensure that all fixings are properly secured, the barriers are functioning regularly, and no component of the gate is worn out.


Automatic gates are, undoubtedly, a blessing for homeowners. Their salient features make them everybody’s favorite. But, these gates will not work efficiently, if they are not well-maintained. This lack of maintenance will often lead to avoidable accidents. To ensure that your gate never turns into a nuisance, follow these safety tips religiously.

5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

You have come home after a long day at work followed by grocery shopping at the nearby store. You desperately want to get inside the house, dump grocery bags on the kitchen counter, and lie down on your bed for at least half an hour. You are too tired and your eyes are calling for the shuteye for too long now.

When you reached your home, you click on the remote to open the garage door. Nothing happens. You click on it again, this time a little bit forcefully. Nothing happens. Frustrated, you get off the car and retry. No luck!

There can be plenty of reasons why the garage door won’t open. Let’s have a look at some of the most common one.

1. Operator’s Power Source is Disrupted

This seems like a ridiculous mistake to make, but you will be surprised to know how often this can occur. Sometimes, people forget plugging the door opener with a working outlet and then curse under their breath when the garage door won’t open and they find themselves locked out of the house. Before leaving the house, be careful not to unplug the power source.

2. Broken Springs

The first problem that your garage door may incur is broken springs. You may hear a very loud sound coming from your garage – similar to the gunshot or firecrackers – that will indicate that the door’s torsion springs have been broken. If you face the problem of broken springs, don’t try to open the door and call the professional as soon as you can to get the problem fixed.

3. Sensitivity Needs Adjustment

You have to make sure that the sensitivity is set at a moderate level. If the sensitivity is set too high or too low, you may incur problems while operating the door. But this isn’t a grave problem and you can also get it fixed on your own.

4. The Door is Off the Track

Your door can derail from its original track, making it difficult to slide properly. If you hear sounds of squeaks while moving the door, be sure that the door is facing problems. Even though it is advisable that you ask for help while readjusting the door, you can try it on your own if you can balance the weight of the door. The process is simple: you will have to loosen the screws that hold the door to its track and place the door back on its track. Tighten the screws immediately to prevent the door from losing its position.

5. Your Remote Is Not Working

It can be possible that the problem doesn’t lie in the garage door and its complicated system, but in the tiny room that you are holding in your hands. A remote may not work if it is not within the range, out of batteries, or has damaged antennas. Regularly check your remote to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


The garage door can create problems for various reasons. While some of the causes are manageable and you can fix them on your own, it is always better to avail the services of a professional company for getting your garage door repaired.

What You Can Do to Keep Your House or Building Gate Safe

Installing a gate is fraught with tensions.

Whether you live in the suburbs or a mansion, whether you’re an apartment complex owner or part of building administration, you need to make you’re the gate you install protects the property it is meant for effectively.

In order to fulfill its purpose, the house or building gate needs to be functioning properly at all times. This means that you need to avoid the gate from damage and carry out frequent gate repairs.

Gate Maintenance

To make sure your gate stays functional, you need to carry out annual maintenance service. This includes calling up a professional and asking them to carry out a gate inspection. Usually they’ll look for problems with:

  • Roller banks
  • Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Motors
  • Any electrical circuitry
  • Gate contacts
  • Brackets

They will also inspect the gate material for signs of damage from weather or accidents.


Wooden Gates

Wood will deteriorate over time without regular maintenance. It needs to be re-stained or repainted once every two years. Wooden gates will also require treatment to prevent them from insect infestation.

Wrought Iron Gates

Iron is a relatively durable material; however, it is susceptible to rust. You will need to regularly inspect your wrought iron gate for rust spots. Apply a rust-resistant spray or wax after installation to keep it in working condition. Keep repainting it to protect it from the elements.


Composite Material Gates

These include gates with a steel core wrapped in PVC. Every two year, they will require professional maintenance and repair. Composite gates also need to be repainted every 5 to 6 years.

Gate Safety Systems

Gate Safety Edges

Safety edges on gates (usually made of resistant rubber) are meant to protect against damage from shearing or crushing on electric gates. Gate safety edges are used if you have a sliding or swing gate. They will protect the gate system as well as people and objects that come in contact with the gate.

Gate Photocells

Safety photocells for gates ensure that gates do not get damaged upon movement.  They can be installed for all types of gates— sliding, automated or swinging. Gate photocells will detect objects in the way of the gate’s motion and thus move the gate accordingly.

Gate Insurance

Of course it’s not always possible to keep your gate perfectly safe and free from damage. Regardless of all safety measures you take, some damage is likely to ensue. To prevent any hefty financial losses from house gate damage, make sure your home insurance plan covers gate insurance.


With regular service and maintenance you can guarantee the safety and functionality of your house or building gate. Act quickly whenever you spot signs of damage. Install safety edges and photocells on your gate systems to keep them getting harmed or destroying anything in their path.

What Can Damage Your Garage Door and How to Prevent It

No home these days is complete without a garage.

A secure place for your car(s), the home’s largest storage space, a place to carry out science experiments, and whatnot.

However, a garage would essentially be useless if the garage door gets damaged. Not to mention, it would become a gateway for intruders and stray animals.

There are many things that can damage a garage door.

Natural Disasters

Perhaps the most obvious of these things is damage due to natural disasters. Catastrophes such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and earthquake can not only damage the garage door, but also the entire house.

These are obviously beyond anyone’s control. However, there’s no use worrying about natural disasters since they don’t occur very frequently and damage due to them if often protected by home insurance plans.

There are many causes of damage that can be prevented, though.

Preventable Causes of Garage Door Damage

Infrequent Garage Door Inspections

A professional garage door specialist should conduct inspection at least once or twice yearly. There are many problems that may arise with your garage door including:

  • Broken hinges or cables
  • Off-track door
  • Worn out gears and pulleys
  • Malfunctioning electrical circuitry
  • Damaged motors and springs
  • Damaged garage door panels

Experts can inspect the door and carry out repairs before the door stops functioning altogether.


You might think a dent here and there in your garage door isn’t a cause of concern. However, dents and cracks in steel or aluminum garage doors expose the material to moisture which can lead to rusting. Rusting will completely destroy a door with time.

Make markings around the garage door to prevent your car from bumping into it. Make sure toys, heavy electrical machinery and cycles stay away from the door. Never stand in the way when someone is operating the garage door.

Garage Track Issues

If dirt, stones, chewing gum or dead insects start accumulating in your garage door’s track, it can damage the door eventually. The track keeps the door aligned during opening and closing. To prevent the track from becoming dysfunctional, clean it regularly. Use a vacuum cleaner to keep it clean and a lubricant to ensure smooth functioning. A well-lubricated garage track will prolong the life of your garage door, too.

Foundation Problems

Cracks in the foundation of the house or garage can insidiously destroy the garage door. Cracks cause the foundation to shift which then puts pressure on garage door cables, springs and hinges, damaging them.

If there is a significant foundation shift, it can also cause the garage door to bend or break completely. To prevent this problem, hire a professional contractor to lay out the foundations of your home. Make sure the soil is settled properly and there is ample gravel spread beneath the foundation before construction.


A functioning garage door is essential for the safety of your home. Many things can damage garage doors such as natural disasters, bents due to cars, garage track issues and brittle foundation. Always remember to get garage door inspections regularly to prevent long-term issues.

Your Guide to Installing and Maintaining a Wrought Iron Gate

Want to add a touch of elegance to the entrance of your home, but without compromising on security?

Think of a wrought iron gate. It has that classy, yet foreboding element that you need to protect your home without impinging on its aesthetics.

There’s a reason iron has been in use since the early 2000 BC. It epitomizes strength and classical appeal like no other.

But What About the Steep Price Tag?

It’s true that wrought iron gates are among the most expensive options out there. This is because wrought iron is a sturdy material and producing it is a labor-intensive process. This ends up making it pricier than wood and aluminum.

But think of the value you will be adding to your property. Not to mention, you want the main gate of your home to last. If properly maintained, a wrought iron gate could last you a lifetime.

Which brings us to the maintenance.

How to Properly Maintain a Wrought Iron Gate

Of course, you’ll have to take extra special care of your gate once it has been installed. What does that entail?

Preventing Damage

One of the first things you must do is apply a protective coat over the gate. This could be in the form of a rust-resistant powder or a water-repellant spray.

Next, make sure your gate stays clean. Make a habit of washing it regularly as part of your morning routine. Use water and soap to keep the surface clean.

Make sure that no plants or weeds are encroaching on the land around the gate. If the surface gets scratched, rust will soon follow.

You Noticed Rust Spots. Now What?

Don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that your lovely new gate is getting destroyed. But you do need to act immediately. Scrub out the spots with a toothbrush. Or better yet, use sandpaper and a steel wool wire to sand it off. Remember to repaint the surface afterwards.

Painting a Wrought Iron Gate 

It’s up to you whether you want a professional to paint your gate or you wish to do the job yourself. Either way you need to remember a few basics:

  • Start the work on a day when it’s cool outside
  • Begin with the application of a primer
  • A primer takes around two to three hours to dry
  • The exterior should be coated with rust-preventing paint

Installing Your Gate

Now that you’re convinced wrought iron is the option for you, you can begin your research on gate installing services. For Arizona homeowners, your go-to choice should be Triple B Garage Doors and Gates.

Experts in their field, they provide gate installing (and repair!) services to homeowners in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek and Chandler, Arizona. Their staff will help you to pick your design, take measurements and provide service on the same day.

5 Risks Associated with Damaged Garage Doors

Garage doors have made life easier and convenient. They add value to your home. They are an essential part of homes which do not get enough focus as long as they are functioning properly. A faulty garage door, however, is something that should be addressed immediately. Faulty garage doors pose a serious danger for everyone in the house.

What Causes Garage Door Damage?

The most common cause of garage door damage is damage to one or more of its parts. The following are the things that can go wrong with a garage door:

  • Springs break
  • Cables break
  • Rollers wear out
  • Hinges wear out
  • Garage door opener wears out

Risks Associated with Damaged Garage Doors

If any of the parts of a garage door need repair, garage door repair should not be delayed. Even though a garage door provides a lot of utility, it can cause some gruesome accidents.

1. Car Damage

If a garage door is damaged due to the breakage of cable, the garage door can shut suddenly. It can come crashing down on the car while it is on its way in or out of the garage. Garage doors are extremely heavy. The impact that a garage door will have when it comes crashing down on the car will cause major damage. Car damage can cost you a fortune so it is best to get the garage door repaired before any such incident occurs.

2. Personal Injury

If the cable or torsion springs break or become weak, they can cause serious injuries and even death. If any of the two components of the garage door are faulty, the garage door may close with too much force suddenly, causing bone fractures and even death. If you think the garage door is not closing slowly as it should, try not to speculate yourself. In the case of garage doors, it is always better to seek professional help to avoid any unanticipated events.

3. Garage Door Replacement

If a faulty garage door is not repaired timely, it may result in damage to the garage door itself. Sometimes, the damage caused may be beyond repair and you might need to get the door replaced.  Garage doors are extremely costly. Hiring a professional to repair the door timely can save you from incurring such a heavy cost.

4. Cement Chipping

A faulty garage door can come down with a lot of force, as mentioned earlier. Garage doors are 500 pounds in weight on average. When it impacts the floor, it may result in damage to the floor and cement chipping which again requires costly repairs.

5. Access to Intruders

If a garage door is faulty, it may not close properly and fully. In such a case, there is a chance that an intruder might find their way into your home. If you do not get the garage door repaired on time, you are putting yourself and all your family members at risk.


Garage doors have made our lives easier but faulty garage doors can make this blessing into your worst nightmare in no time. It can cause serious injuries and even death which is something you wouldn’t want.

If you are looking for professional services for garage door repair services in Arizona, Triple B Garage Doors and Services can serve you with the best services.

Everything You Will Have to Deal With If You Install an Automatic Gate

If you are one of those people who like to upgrade their house and lives with technological advancements, then you will surely have an automatic gate installed soon at your residence.

However, there are many things that you need to consider when you choose to automate your gate.  These things can include looking at keypads, telephone entry systems, and emergency features.

How Important Is Selecting the Right Gate Equipment?

Choosing the right gate equipment is the first step in opting for an automated gate entry system.  An automatic gate is usually operated by remote control transmitters and includes features like RFID readers, keypads, and in-ground magnetic sensors.

The right automatic gate repair company like Triple B Garage Doors and Gates will guide you in selecting the best equipment for your automatic gate.   Not only will they help you choose the best equipment, but they will also make sure that the equipment matches your budget.

It is important to select the right equipment for your automatic gate because of many reasons. For example, installing a telephone entry system will allow your visitors to call you before gaining access to your home.  If you install an RFID reader, you will enjoy more security and convenience with your automated gate entry system.

What Features to Consider for Added Security?  

You can install the following features if you want to add more security to your automatic gate entry system:

  • Telephone entry system so that visitors are screened before they enter your place.  Keypads to facilitate frequent visitors.
  • You can also have timed access codes so that your gate gives access to visitors during a specified time.
  • Activity logs record all the codes used.
  • You can monitor your vicinity for any shady activity through a security camera system.

How Do You Plan for Emergencies?

You must always be ready in case there is an emergency.  You can do this by installing the following safety features to your automatic driveway gate.  Here are some tips to plan for emergencies:

Battery Back Up

 The battery back-up will ensure your automatic gate remains operational during a power outage.  You can program your automatic gate to stay open until power returns. The Triple B Garage Door and Gates Company can advise on the type of battery back-up you can get for your automatic gate.

Home Alarm System Integration  

You can also add a home alarm system to your automatic gate. Instruct your gate to remain open when the alarm sounds. This will ensure that first responders and emergency personnel can easily enter your home to reach you and your family.

You should also consider learning about your gate’s manual mode if you don’t have a battery back-up.  Additionally, you should install a surge protection to protect your home from power outages.


 Triple B Garage Door and Gate Company can advise you about all the things related to your automatic gate installation. They can even help you with automatic gate repair.


This blog will tell you everything you must know about installing an automatic gate entry system. Here, you can learn how to plan for an automatic gate emergency in advance.

Reasons You Should Call a Garage Door Repair Professional to Fix Your Garage

No matter what you are doing with your garage, you need to know that there are some things that you should better leave to the professionals in Mesa, AZ because they are well-equipped to handle the repair work of your garage door.

Some people believe in DIYs, but do you know that a DIY project can cost much more than hiring a professional. Why? Because when people try to manage tasks they have no expertise in, they end up causing more damage. When the focus is shifted to garage door repair, we have a list of reasons which will convince you that you should call a garage door repair professional in Mesa, AZ.

It’s a Matter of Safety

If you have seen a wood garage door before, you will know how heavy it sometimes is.  It’s heaviness varies with its date of manufacturing and  the material it is made up of.  Double garage doors are of even greater weight and are very wide, but despite their need of regular maintenance, they are often ignored.

When it comes to your garage door, you must always remember that the door is one of the most overlooked objects.  Sometimes, while trying to repair a garage door, people accidentally get injured because incidents like the falling of a door are very likely to occur. Why do these garage doors fall? Well, there can be a broken spring or a failure of lifting cables.

It’s a Matter of Experience

If you are not an expert at garage door repair, you will not know  how hardware components interact with each other and how it is convenient to lift a garage door with the help of  a counterweight system.  You will not be able to finish your garage door repair if you are not familiar with the details.

It’s a Matter of Mental Ease and Sanity

If you try to repair your garage door system on your own, you may end up ruining it.  If you have an electric garage door opener, your attempts at DIYs can end up costing you too much.   So why don’t you consider sitting back when you can leave your garage door repair work in the hands of garage door professionals in Mesa, AZ and relax?

It’s a Matter of Time Saving

Professionals of garage door repair in Mesa, AZ can do your repair work within the shortest timeframe.  When you hire a garage door professionals in Mesa, AZ to do your garage work repair, you will have time to be able to do other things that matter to you.  Your time will be saved and your safety is guaranteed if you hire garage door repair garage door professionals in Mesa, AZ to do your garage door repair work.

In a Nutshell

So what are you waiting for now? Look up a garage door repair work garage door professionals in Mesa, AZ to fix your garage door now!

Warning Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair in Mesa, AZ

With time, strong and durable garage doors have emerged, owing to new materials and machinery. Regardless of the excellent quality of a garage door, there often comes a point when homeowners need to consider repairing it.

Many homeowners fail to detect the signs for a garage door repair in Mesa, AZ in the first place.  Therefore, we have assembled some indications that may prompt you to call a professional garage door repair company.

1. Problem While Opening or Closing the Door

With the help of a control button, you can easily open and close the garage door. But if your garage door refuses to do so, then it is a surefire sign that you must consider a garage door repair in Mesa, AZ.

Multiple factors are responsible for the door malfunction. It could be possible that the control panel is faulty or the connection between the garage door and the control panel is weak.

Before calling for a professional’s help, it is important to check that nothing has come in the way, blocking the door from opening or closing it.

2. Sagging Garage Door

Experts suggest that homeowners should check the garage door sections every month. For that, you will need to disconnect the door from its hinges and try operating it manually.

 The panels of your door should be able to stand straight. If they aren’t, it’s about time to call for a garage door repair in Mesa, AZ. This scenario usually occurs when there is some problem with the tension spring or any other part of the garage door. Avoid repairing the door on your own as doing so can complicate the matter further.

3. Creaking Sounds

If you observe your garage door making a lot of noises, you must call a professional repairman right away. The need for a garage door repair in Mesa, AZ is enormous when the door constantly makes creaking or straining sounds.

It is possible for the spring, open breaker or the opener to be at fault. To correctly identify the main issue, a professional’s help would be immediately needed.

4. An Off-Track Garage Door

A standard garage door is operated with the help of tracks that are situated on both the sides of the door. However, at times, the garage door deters from its tracks. The reason behind such a happening is either the door is in a poor state or it has been impaired.

A professional repairman can examine your garage door and point out the real problem with it. Furthermore, he will help repair the main components so that the door can function normally.

If you do not get your garage door repaired soon enough, it can cause injuries or severe property damage. To be on the safe side, always hire the most professional and dependable garage door repairmen in Mesa, AZ.   

Which Garage Door Openers are Best in 2018?

Your garage door opener has reached its final stages and you are now shopping for a new system. But, where should you start? The best and highest quality garage door opener is quick, quiet, comes with modern features, and is compatible with your existing home network.

Modern garage doors are keeping up with the standard home features through adopting state of the art technology. Since light bulbs and even home thermostats are already equipped with smart technology, there is no reason why your garage door shouldn’t, either. Here are the top garage door openers of 2018 that will look perfect in all smart homes.

  1. Chamberlain WD832KEV

This is a type of steel-reinforced belt-drive opener for garage doors featuring a ½ HP motor, Motor Vibration Isolation System of Chamberlain, and a quick install rail system. It is not just an ultra quiet opener as this device also uses MyQ enabled technology. It means you can use your smartphone to control this opener. Safety features include the protector system safety sensor and a time to close feature which can automatically close the door in a matter of 1/5/10 minutes in the event you forget to do so.

  1. LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series

This jackshaft garage door opener has a keyless entry keypad which is useful for opening and closing several doors. Safety features include the safety system beam, power lock, and rolling code technology. If power suddenly goes out, there is a backup battery to let you out and in your garage. It is an extremely quiet opener with a very fast and smooth operation.

  1. Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001

This is the ideal option for heavy garage doors as it can lift as much as 550 pounds. This comes with a rail which can fit doors of 7 to 8 feet and a ¾ HP motor. There is a full installation kit included making things easier for DIYers. You will also get two 2-button transmitters and interior wall station.

  1. Genie SilentMax 1200

It is by far among the most budget-friendly garage door openers of belt-drive style that you can find in the market. This features a steel-reinforced belt, soft start and stop ¾ HP DC motor, and with dual frequency. It is a useful feature if you are living in an area with many garages. You don’t have to worry that the remote of your neighbor interferes with your garage door.

  1. Genie 2042-TKC QuietLift 800

This has a ½+ HP DC motor complete with belt-driven mechanism which opens sectional garage doors reaching as much as 500 pounds. This makes use of Safe-T-Beam system which triggers automatic reverse when the beam is obstructed. This has a wall console, two 3-button remotes, and wireless keypad.

  1. Chamberlain PD510

It is a popular option for many consumers as this is very effective and affordable. This has industrial strength chain, ½ HP motor, wall control, and 1-button remote. This remote is among the highlights of the device since this comes with tri-band frequency and a long range. The unit’s safety features include a patented security + 2.0 rolling code tech, PosiLock anti-theft protection, and invisible beam.

Which Garage Door Opener Technology Is Best?

Many looking for a new or upgrade to an existing garage door tech get confused on deciding which type of garage door would be the best fit.

A garage door opener is a very important component for a garage, as any type of issue with your garage door or the opener can really make your day frustrating. It’s very important to choose the right type of garage door opener.

Since there are three major types of garage door opening technology, rather than concluding which is the best, let’s explore and each type.

For those who’re wondering which garage door technology is the best in Arizona, let’s have a look at these and make the right decision:

Chain Drive: Probably the most common type of garage door openers is, the Chain Drive. As you can already conclude it from the name, this garage door works on the mechanism of push and pull of a chain making a trolley moving your door up and down. Affordable and extreme reliability are the two best things you can get from a chain drive garage opener. The drawback of this type is that it can get a bit noisy.

Belt Drive: The belt drive garage opener makes use of a belt to move your garage door up and down. When it comes to the noise factor, belt drive garage door opener is a quiet worker. These are a bit expensive, compared to the Chain Drive openers.

Screw Drive: This type of garage door opener works on the basis of a mechanism where a threaded steel rod is used for the movement of trolley that’s responsible for the opening and closing of a garage door. Due to the fact that this type consisting of minimal components, less maintenance is needed. The downside is these openers can be a little noisy.

If you want to get your garage door opener serviced or repaired, Triple B Garage doors have the right team of skilled technician crew along with optimum quality of equipment.

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Why is my Garage Door not closing?

Although garage doors have only one job to do, their single job is one of the most important, when it comes to garages. After all they’re the doorways of a garage. When they’re working properly, all goes well until they stop working due to any malfunction. If you’re bothering about why is my garage door not closing Arizona? There can be a few reasons that may impact the working condition of a garage door opener. Here are a few things that can impact the working of a garage door opener:


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How does a Garage Door Opener Work

How does a Garage Door Opener Work?

A garage door opener can come in various forms, shapes and sizes. One of the most widely available garage door openers is chain drive garage door openers. However, in order to understand which garage door opener is the best for you, you need to understand how garage door openers work.

There are two main types of garage door openers, under which other types and subcategories come into play. These two types of garage door openers are shaft drives and trolley systems. There are others such as belt drives as well as screw drives. Here are a few things which you need to know about garage door openers.

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