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How does a Garage Door Opener Work?

How does a Garage Door Opener Work

A garage door opener can come in various forms, shapes and sizes. One of the most widely available garage door openers is chain drive garage door openers. However, in order to understand which garage door opener is the best for you, you need to understand how garage door openers work.

There are two main types of garage door openers, under which other types and subcategories come into play. These two types of garage door openers are shaft drives and trolley systems. There are others such as belt drives as well as screw drives. Here are a few things which you need to know about garage door openers.

Power is one of the most important aspects of garage door openers. It determines how easily garage doors are lifted and lowered. The garage doors work with a system of counterbalances, along with cables as well as springs, which determine how much force can be used for the lifting and lowering of the garage door. There is also a motor at work which is responsible for the height up to which the garage door opens.

Depending on the type of garage door opening system, there is an assembly which relies heavily upon the tension of the springs present in the system. These are all handled and powered with the help of an electric motor, which in turn is connected to your garage door opener. The garage door opener makes sure that the electric motor receives signals from it, as and when needed to open or close the door.

You need to choose a garage door opener depending on how easily you can maintain it. The various types of garage door openers actually have different levels of maintenance and their own different set of problems.
For example, a chain drive garage door opener can actually have the chain loosened, which in turn requires you to tighten the chain. If you do not tighten the chain, the garage door could come down extremely fast or it could get stuck indefinitely.