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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Spring Repair

Every spring on every garage door will eventually break. It is a matter of metal fatigue, not maintenance. There are many factors that go into how long a spring will last. Most manufacturers will supply a spring with 10,000 cycles in its life. One cycle is when a door goes up once and down once. If you use your door 4 times a day, that would be two adults leaving at different times and returning at different times, you will cross 10,000 uses in 2,500 days, or less than 7 years. When you include kids in the mix, it becomes obvious that a garage door spring can break fairly often.

There are many companies that offer a “lifetime” warranty on the springs they install. Is this the lifetime of the spring? The lifetime of the door? As long as you own the home? Or maybe the lifetime of the company offering the lifetime warranty? Our company gives a lifetime warranty on springs, and we back it up with the science of steel.

The more spring material you have in a spring the more cycles you will get out of it. If a company offers a lifetime warranty, but can’t explain why their springs will last longer, then you can bet the spring will be warrantied as long as that company keeps its name. (A common practice in this industry is to sell the company and then begin a new company with a different name, and thus negating that “lifetime” warranty.) The garage door industry is full of ways to make sure a warranty still costs the customer in the end.

Garage Door Spring Repair Mesa

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Just How Important are Garage Door Springs?

Torsion springs are the most vital part of any garage door assembly. The average garage door can weigh anywhere from 150-500+ pounds in metal, wood and other materials. Springs are responsible for counterbalancing this entire weight, keeping your garage door light enough to lift and roll easily.

You’ll find the torsion springs for your garage door mounted horizontally across the top of the unit. When you pull down on the garage door, cables attached to these springs wind upwards, coiling up the springs; creating hundreds of pounds of pent up tension.

Every torsion spring comes with a “cycle rating”, this dictates how many times a spring can be wound and unwound safely without breaking. Once this cycle completes, the constant wear on the metal causes the spring to break. If your garage door gets a lot of use then this point may come sooner rather than later.

Contact Us If you’re Worried about the Current State of Your Springs

While little squeaks and creaks may just be a sign of rustiness better dealt with using a little garage door lubricant rather than wholesale replacement, if your garage door is failing to operate properly then your springs may well be nearing the end of their cycle.

If that’s the case, the last thing you want to do is handle the repair DIY style. As experienced garage door repair technicians operating in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Queen Creek, Arizona we know just how much care and precision is required to deal with faulty springs.

When you’re dealing with a heavy metal component that’s carrying hundreds of pounds of pounds of pent up energy it pays to be safe. Contact Triple B Garage Door Spring Repairs and we’ll get the job done with the proper tools and know-how.

How We Work

  • A non-functional garage door is an urgent problem that requires an urgent solution. Broken springs constitute not only a safety concern, but a practical issue as well; after all you need to be able to access your car.
  • That’s why you can call or contact us at any time of the day, and be assured of a same-day visit from our service technicians
  • Once at the scene, they’ll assess the extent of damage to the existing springs. Then, using specialized tools they will:
    • Measure both old and new springs to ensure a perfect fit
    • Carefully unwind the old springs using custom equipment
    • Loosen the strongly secured torsion hardware
    • Replace with new springs
    • Refasten the torsion system
    • Wind the new springs
    • Carry out a 20-point safety and maintenance check to ensure repair work has been carried out safely, and that you’ll face no further issues.


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