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Quick, Efficient Repair Jobs Performed By Licensed Technicians across: Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Chandler, Arizona

A Lot Can Go Wrong With a Garage Door, You Might Have:

  • A blocked photo eye that’s causing your garage door to lower too soon, or not lower completely.
  • If it won’t open or shut at all, then power to the garage door might be disrupted somehow.
  • A loud snap, crack or boom means you’ve got broken torsion springs. These heavy duty springs keep your garage door suspended and they’re often the first thing to go on common garage door assemblies
  • Broken springs can often mean snapped or popped cables too. Make sure you’re out of the way if this happens.
  • Your garage door might not be tuned to the right sensitivity
  • You might just have a malfunctioning garage door opener
  • If the door won’t slide or roll properly, then it may well be off its track

Overwhelmed? Don’t Be.

With Triple B Garage Door Repair Service Technicians Working Across The East Valley Of Arizona; Your Repair is in Good Hands.

Garage doors are important, but it’s often only when they go wrong that we realize how integral they are to our homes. So when yours stops working the last thing you want to do is worry about the quality or cost of your garage door repair.

With Triple B Garage Door Repair in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek and Chandler, Arizona you get great customer service you can rely on. We’re a local garage door repair company that’s been operating around Arizona for 5 years now, and we pride ourselves on the strong links we build with our residential and commercial clients.

Just call in, or contact us online; and let our helpful representatives know what’s going on with your garage door unity, and we’ll send over an experience team of licensed technicians the same day! Nothing could be easier.

Garage doors are heavy, and if they shift even slightly they can cause irreparable damage to their internal mechanisms. An improper repair can cause injury to you or your loved ones. So let Triple B take that burden off your shoulders. We’ve got the right skills and tools to make your garage door repair as easy and efficiently as possible.

Garage Door Repair Services

Torsion Spring Replacement

Because of the enormous amounts of energy stored in torsions springs; a faulty spring creates a dangerous situation for even the most able home handyman.

Call our service technicians to get a safe, efficient replacement.

Realignment and Balancing

Regular tune-ups can extend the life of your garage door by helping it to open and close smoothly.

We’ll lubricate moving parts, check for damage and tighten any bolts or loose screws.

Panel and Roller Replacement

If these guide wheels get off track then it can prevent your garage door from operating properly. We can upgrade or simply replace any faulty rollers.

If you’ve got a couple of damaged panels, then you don’t need a new garage door. We’ll take care of the replacement panelling.

Cable and Hinge Replacement

Cables and hinges can ruse and wear over time, sometimes when springs break they’ll damage these components as well. When that happens we can replace parts as needed.

Sensor Repairs

So that you garage door can stay opening and closing safely, in case of any obstacles.

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