garage door openers mesa

Garage Door Openers Mesa

Available Across: Mesa, Queen Creek, Chandler, and Gilbert Arizona.

The Average Garage Door is 7-8 Feet Tall and 8-20 Feet Wide…

That’s a Lot to lift on your own!

Thankfully with Triple B’s stunning variety of powerful, reliable garage openers — sold throughout the East Valley of Arizona — opening and closing your garage door by hand is a thing of the past.

What Does That Mean For You?

  • Added Safety: With the smooth automation provided by our garage openers, you can keep you and your loved ones well clear of that heavy moving door as it lifts and closes. That means there’s far less chance for any nasty accidents.
  • More Security: With a garage door opening system there’s no keys to lose, and no locks to change. Entry is controlled by an access code that can be changed at any time; and you can even set your password to expire after a set duration for added protection.
  • Convenience: Safety and security are great, but perhaps one of the biggest advantages a great, reliable garage door opening system provides is, ease of use. No getting out of your car, no leaving the comfort of your home, your garage door opens and closes with the click of a button.
  • Cost-effective: Even with all those benefits, these systems are surprisingly affordable and they only need a small amount of power to run so you’re not adding to your energy use either. That’s a lot of utility for a relatively small investment.

Garage Door Opener Products

Chain Drive

The most common type of garage door opener you’ll find in homes across Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Queen Creek, Arizona.

These systems offer a ton of power, for great value; albeit with a little more noise than other openers.

A chain connects the trolley to the motor; lifting the garage door up and lowering it down on its tracks.


These top of the line systems offer the same consistency and quality as chain-driven openers, with almost no noise.

For those living in garage-attached houses the smooth opening and closing mechanism is well worth the slight added expense.


These garage door openers operate thorough a slightly different mechanism than their counterparts.

Doors are held by a “worm screw” that rides on an attached steel rod. The motor will rotate the rod; opening and closing the door.

While these systems are noisier than belt-driven openers they also have far fewer component parts, making them easier to maintain in the long-run.

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