Gates Mesa AZ

Choose the Entry Point That Best Fits the Needs of Your Property in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Queen Creek Arizona

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing the right gating solution for your property.

You have to understand the dimensions of your home and surrounding land, as well the area of your driveway. You have to take into account the aesthetics and materials which best complement and contrast with your home design; and finally you have to make the decision on whether to go with an automatic or manual gate.

At Triple B, we have a diverse array of gates to suit the needs of even the most discerning customer. In a range of materials that includes wood, aluminium, vinyl, chain link and wrought iron; we have the following options.

Slide Gates

Unlike gates that have an open and shut mechanism. These automated gates feature wheels on their underside that allow one panel to slide into another. It’s an effective solution for driveways with limited space.

You’ll find these in a few different styles including:

  • “V” Track Slide Gates – The most popular style of sliding gate, this design does require a little more clearance in order to function properly.
  • Pipe Track Slide Gates – Somewhat appropriately these gates move on a ground installed rail track. They offer smooth operation and continuous function, and are often the gating solution of choice in commercial properties.
  • Cantilever Slide Gates – When you don’t have the option to install ground rails, or if you’re dealing with a lot of dust, rubble and other debris; then these gates are a preferable option. In this case the wheels are attached to a vertical post; these rollers will push or pull to move the fitted gate in between.

Swing Gates

This traditional gating option can be delivered in either a single or double-gate form, that’s either manual or automated; depending on the opening, and your security needs.

Keep in mind that a good swing gate will require sufficient street clearance, as well as sufficient space inside the perimeter of your home to ensure proper function.

If you’d like some clearance on from the ground then hydraulically powered lift-and-swing gates can provide just that. These gates rise and swing as they open avoiding any troublesome ground debris.

Vertical Pivot Gates

Imagine a tollbooth gate that lifts and shuts as traffic passes through; now add up 7’ of steel, wood or other hefty material to that design and you’ve got a vertical pivot gate.

As this gate opens, it will stick up vertically into the air, taking up almost no space at all during operation. If your driveway is too small to accommodate a slide gating solution, but you still want all the same security features, then these gates are a great alternative.