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How to Tell If the Quality of a Garage Door Is Good Enough

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Garage doors work hard all day long. They’re opened and closed several times, and this accounts for the extensive wear and tear that you have to get fixed every now and then. Like everything else, a garage door has a limited lifespan, after which you need to get it replaced altogether.

When it is time to get a new garage door, you must evaluate the quality of the garage door that your garage door company is offering to install for you. While it isn’t easy to tell by the looks, if the quality is good enough, you can tell if you look closely. We have listed down the features that can help you evaluate the quality of the garage door even before you get it installed.

1. Safety Features

The safety features of a garage door should be evaluated first. The safety of a garage door is the most important factor because, at the end of the day, it is you, your loved ones, and your car that are at risk.

A common misconception is that the laser at the bottom of the door is the most important safety features when, in reality, it is just the motor and garage door opener. It has nothing to do with the safety of the door itself. To ensure that you’re investing in the right quality product, you should look for a garage door that comes with pinch-resistance, especially if there are children around. The pinch-resistance feature makes sure that the fingers are pushed out of the way when the door closes.

Tamper-resistant safety brackets at the bottom are also an important safety feature that prevents the loosening of the garage door when a repair is being made with cables that are taut. Quality garage doors are usually equipped with maximum safety features.

2. Design of Door Springs

The door springs of a garage door are what provide the force that opens the garage door. When the door is closed, these springs are tightly wound. As the garage door opens, the springs begin to unwind. In quality garage doors, these counterbalanced springs are enclosed in a steel tube. If these springs are uncovered, and they break, it can pose a serious safety threat to anyone who is around. Therefore, you should always look for a steel tube enclosing these springs at the top of a paneled garage door.

3. Construction Materials

The material that is used in the construction on a garage door can give you a precise idea of what to expect from its quality. Garage doors made of steel can last as long as 10 years and even longer if taken care of. The highest quality garage doors are the ones that have a baked-on finish (undercoat and topcoat). They are resistant to weather elements and rusting. Plastic and vinyl doors may last even longer, depending on how carefully it was constructed.


Quality garage doors have maximum safety features and are constructed from sturdy and durable materials. Evaluating these two areas can help you tell if you are making the right choice in terms of quality.