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How much should you have to pay for a garage door spring?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]First let’s explain what you are buying, and why. 

Every spring on every garage door will eventually break. It is a matter of metal fatigue, not maintenance.

There are many factors that go into how long a spring will last.

Most manufacturers will supply a spring with 10,000 cycles in its life. One cycle is when a door goes up once and down once. If you use your door 4 times a day, that would be two adults leaving at different times and returning at different times, you will cross 10,000 uses in 2,500 days, or less than 7 years. When you include kids in the mix, it becomes obvious that a garage door spring can break fairly often. 

There are many companies that offer a “lifetime” warranty on the springs they install. Is this the lifetime of the spring? The lifetime of the door? As long as you own the home? Or maybe the lifetime of the company offering the lifetime warranty? 

Our company gives a lifetime warranty on springs, and we back it up with the science of steel. The more spring material you have in a spring the more cycles you will get out of it. If a company offers a lifetime warranty, but can’t explain why their springs will last longer, then you can bet the spring will be warrantied as long as that company keeps its name. (A common practice in this industry is to sell the company and then begin a new company with a different name, and thus negating that “lifetime” warranty.) The garage door industry is full of ways to make sure a warranty still costs the customer in the end. 

Some enterprising homeowners decide to avoid the scams by purchasing and installing their own springs. However what the companies that sell springs online won’t tell you is you are replacing your springs with the same spring you currently have, and now you have the same limited life of that spring, not to mention the week long wait, and the labor plus tools required to do the job. Beyond that, while many homeowners successfully complete the repair, thousands of people end up in the emergency room every year due to garage door injuries, not a risk we feel is worth taking. 

Our company, Triple B Garage Doors and Gates, can do the repair, upgrade the springs, explain why the springs we use will last longer and charge the correct amount for the job. As of November 2014 a single spring is $149 and a double spring is $169. That’s it, including service call, no other charges, period. Now I realize in different markets prices will vary, but if you are dealing with a reputable company, the price shouldn’t be too far away from what we are charging.

I hope this blog post was informative, and we would love to answer any questions that you have.  For a quick response, you can email us at, or call us at (480) 489-5800.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]