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What You Can Do to Keep Your House or Building Gate Safe

Installing a gate is fraught with tensions.

Whether you live in the suburbs or a mansion, whether you’re an apartment complex owner or part of building administration, you need to make you’re the gate you install protects the property it is meant for effectively.

In order to fulfill its purpose, the house or building gate needs to be functioning properly at all times. This means that you need to avoid the gate from damage and carry out frequent gate repairs.

Gate Maintenance

To make sure your gate stays functional, you need to carry out annual maintenance service. This includes calling up a professional and asking them to carry out a gate inspection. Usually they’ll look for problems with:

  • Roller banks
  • Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Motors
  • Any electrical circuitry
  • Gate contacts
  • Brackets

They will also inspect the gate material for signs of damage from weather or accidents.


Wooden Gates

Wood will deteriorate over time without regular maintenance. It needs to be re-stained or repainted once every two years. Wooden gates will also require treatment to prevent them from insect infestation.

Wrought Iron Gates

Iron is a relatively durable material; however, it is susceptible to rust. You will need to regularly inspect your wrought iron gate for rust spots. Apply a rust-resistant spray or wax after installation to keep it in working condition. Keep repainting it to protect it from the elements.


Composite Material Gates

These include gates with a steel core wrapped in PVC. Every two year, they will require professional maintenance and repair. Composite gates also need to be repainted every 5 to 6 years.

Gate Safety Systems

Gate Safety Edges

Safety edges on gates (usually made of resistant rubber) are meant to protect against damage from shearing or crushing on electric gates. Gate safety edges are used if you have a sliding or swing gate. They will protect the gate system as well as people and objects that come in contact with the gate.

Gate Photocells

Safety photocells for gates ensure that gates do not get damaged upon movement.  They can be installed for all types of gates— sliding, automated or swinging. Gate photocells will detect objects in the way of the gate’s motion and thus move the gate accordingly.

Gate Insurance

Of course it’s not always possible to keep your gate perfectly safe and free from damage. Regardless of all safety measures you take, some damage is likely to ensue. To prevent any hefty financial losses from house gate damage, make sure your home insurance plan covers gate insurance.


With regular service and maintenance you can guarantee the safety and functionality of your house or building gate. Act quickly whenever you spot signs of damage. Install safety edges and photocells on your gate systems to keep them getting harmed or destroying anything in their path.