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Everything You Will Have to Deal With If You Install an Automatic Gate

If you are one of those people who like to upgrade their house and lives with technological advancements, then you will surely have an automatic gate installed soon at your residence.

However, there are many things that you need to consider when you choose to automate your gate.  These things can include looking at keypads, telephone entry systems, and emergency features.

How Important Is Selecting the Right Gate Equipment?

Choosing the right gate equipment is the first step in opting for an automated gate entry system.  An automatic gate is usually operated by remote control transmitters and includes features like RFID readers, keypads, and in-ground magnetic sensors.

The right automatic gate repair company like Triple B Garage Doors and Gates will guide you in selecting the best equipment for your automatic gate.   Not only will they help you choose the best equipment, but they will also make sure that the equipment matches your budget.

It is important to select the right equipment for your automatic gate because of many reasons. For example, installing a telephone entry system will allow your visitors to call you before gaining access to your home.  If you install an RFID reader, you will enjoy more security and convenience with your automated gate entry system.

What Features to Consider for Added Security?  

You can install the following features if you want to add more security to your automatic gate entry system:

  • Telephone entry system so that visitors are screened before they enter your place.  Keypads to facilitate frequent visitors.
  • You can also have timed access codes so that your gate gives access to visitors during a specified time.
  • Activity logs record all the codes used.
  • You can monitor your vicinity for any shady activity through a security camera system.

How Do You Plan for Emergencies?

You must always be ready in case there is an emergency.  You can do this by installing the following safety features to your automatic driveway gate.  Here are some tips to plan for emergencies:

Battery Back Up

 The battery back-up will ensure your automatic gate remains operational during a power outage.  You can program your automatic gate to stay open until power returns. The Triple B Garage Door and Gates Company can advise on the type of battery back-up you can get for your automatic gate.

Home Alarm System Integration  

You can also add a home alarm system to your automatic gate. Instruct your gate to remain open when the alarm sounds. This will ensure that first responders and emergency personnel can easily enter your home to reach you and your family.

You should also consider learning about your gate’s manual mode if you don’t have a battery back-up.  Additionally, you should install a surge protection to protect your home from power outages.


 Triple B Garage Door and Gate Company can advise you about all the things related to your automatic gate installation. They can even help you with automatic gate repair.


This blog will tell you everything you must know about installing an automatic gate entry system. Here, you can learn how to plan for an automatic gate emergency in advance.